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Neubau Welt


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Neubau Welt Archive (Data)
Note: Instant Download, Non-Book
Total Download Size: 65,5 MB (zipped file)

Updated 2014 version (!) of bestseller’s digital data archive including
+ 1333 High Definition Vector Illustrations
+ 3 Contextual Typefaces (NB-55RMS™, NB-Urban™, NB-Blatt™)
Format: Mac OTF & Win TTF

Multi-User Licenses
For multi user licenses (MUL) larger than 100+ please contact for a custom quote.

Product Description
“Neubau Welt” is an extensive encyclopedia of 1333 high definition vector illustrations of everyday objects and obsessions large and small. They were created by designer Stefan Gandl and his Neubau team. The NBW Data Archive contains all objects of the “Neubau Welt” print edition plus additional vector sets (previously only available as extended single sheets) as editable EPS-Files (i.e.: Adobe Illustrator).

Reminiscent of a digital Letraset, “Neubau Welt” contains everything any designer could possibly need but couldn’t find. Unlike ClipArt, the smorgasbord of objects are editable and can be enlarged indefinitely. This also makes them extremely useful for architects and other creatives, who can integrate them into their presentations and visual models.

The Neubau Welt Data Archive contains the following objects of the NB-Digital-Category of this site: A01-34, B01-56, C01-15, D01-52, E01-40, F01-51, G01-44, H01-10, I01-20, J01-44, K01-14, L01-41, M01-107, N01-24, O01-58, P01-19, Q01-89, R01-51, S01-57, T01-15, U01-15, V01-39, W01-16, X01-37, Y01-23, Z01-23

Broadcast Licenses
If you plan to use Neubau Welt in broadcasting, video or film, you will need to acquire a Broadcasting Licence. Broadcast and film usage refers to the use of the software (fonts, illustrations) for any onscreen broadcast via television, video or motion picture. The Broadcasting Licence is an annual renewable licence extension of the basic Print & Web Licence, and needs to be acquired prior to first use.
Prices are available upon request and depend on duration and territory.
Please contact us for custom quotes