Stefan Gandl

All typesets offered via Neubauladen are designed by Berlin based designer Stefan Gandl who founded the design studio Neubau in late 2001 before taking the world by storm with the release of two best selling books ‘Neubau Welt’ (2005) and ‘Neubau Modul’ (2007). 2014 saw the relase of Neubau’s third studio publication ‘Neubau Forst Catalogue’ published by Lars Müller Publishers.

In 2008 Neubau’s work was exhibited in the ‘Neubauism’ exhibition at MU (Eindhoven/The Netherlands), a perspicacious, kinetic journey through the world of Neubau introduced by Wim Crouwel.

Neubau is defined by a systematic approach to type and designing for systems in print, screen and space. Neubau’s work has been internationally exhibited and published in countless publications.