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Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 13.2 x 7.2 x 6.7 cm


Neubau Akademie™ GE 100


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Neubau Akademie™ GE is available in two different versions:
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NB AK GE 100: Limited edition of 100 signed copies
Size: 132 × 72 × 67 mm
Weight: 300 g
Signed, numbered & stamped (with official KPNA stamp)

NB AK GE OE: Open edition (standard edition)
Size: 132 × 72 × 67 mm
Weight: 300 g
Stamped (with official KPNA stamp)

Neubau Akademie™ Gruppenübung/Group Exercise
Type Game incl. 56 screen printed cardboard cards with glyph pairs of all 20 styles of NB Akademie Edition. Recommended for 2—10 players. Game Duration: 20± Minutes
Designed by Stefan Gandl

56 Pieces (displaying all 20 styles of NB Akademie Edition)
1 Game Instruction (incl. A4 Poster)

Cat.Nr.: NB-Akademie-GE 100/OE
© 2016 Neubau Edition, Berlin
Neubau Akademie Group Exercise photographed by Mika Ceron
Models: Philipp & Yuki